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"I want to thank you for all the help you provided when my sister and I searched for someone to assist our mother after her operation. We interviewed several caregiver organizations and knew that we had found the right one when we spoke with you.

It is very difficult having an aging parent living in another state. Knowing that she would have assistance from someone we could trust was a comfort to us. While Terri was assisting mom we knew that Mom would have the help she needed when war couldn't be there. Terri's caring nature, sunny personality and contagious laugh were an added bonus."
Holly - Daughter of a Client

"They do everything they are supposed to do, cheerfully, happily and warm. They are most cooperative and capable. They certainly have fulfilled everything I had hoped to get from their services. I have nothing but positive things and feelings about they have taken care of me and my husband. I can't think of anything negative whatsoever. I have had multiple caregivers over the last several years, although each is an individual, as a group they all do exactly what they are supposed to do, quickly, cheerfully and well. I couldn't be more satisfied." Mary - Client

"Thank you for being right there whenever I needed you. You came highly recommended and I will continue to speak of you in the same manner." S. - Daughter of a Client

"I would recommend Partners in Senior Care because I have been using them for a year and a half to help me with my father. The Care Manager has been on top of things and there is a good communication level. They promptly respond to requests for services and any issues with service." Daughter of a Client

"Our caregiver stayed during the snowstorm!" Family of the Client