UA-11219709-1 Google+ F I T U Care Management Needs Assessment from Partners in Senior Care

Are the problems that you or your loved ones are facing becoming larger or more complex than you can comfortably manage?

Are other demands and responsibilities now so great that you are not able to provide the desired level of supervision and attention to your loved one's problems?

Are you spending your free time:
  • Doing grocery shopping?
  • With housekeeping & laundry?
  • Assisting your loved one with personal care?
  • Overseeing medication?
  • Researching senior living options, medical supplies or equipment?
  • Accompanying your loved one to doctor appointments or ER?

Do you have concerns about:
  • Your loved one’s ability to drive.
  • Your loved one’s safety when alone in the home.
  • Your loved one’s healthcare and medical compliance?
  • Is your concern for your loved one’s well-being preventing you from enjoying your vacations or being productive at work?

If you answered
yes to more than three of the questions, you could benefit from our Geriatric Care Management and/or Home Care Services.

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847-548-1330 to arrange a complimentary home care assessment.