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Emergency Preparedness

Home Care in Lake County: Hydration Tips for Seniors

Dehydration is ranked in the top ten most frequent reasons for Medicare hospitalizations. The average cost of this is nearly three thousand dollars. Half of all patients hospitalized with dehydration as the primary diagnosis, die within one year. Read More...

Heat Stroke Prevention

Download this fact sheet.
Almost every summer there is a deadly heat wave in some part of the country. Too much heat is not safe for anyone. It is even riskier if you are older or if you have health problems. It is important to get relief from the heat quickly. If not, you might begin to feel confused or faint. Your heart could become stressed, and maybe stop beating.

Home Care Chicagoland: Home Safety Month

Is your family ready for an emergency?  Planning ahead can keep you safe if a flood, fire, flu pandemic, terrorist attack, or other public health emergency strikes. During Home Safety Month, Partners in Senior Care is working with community members to make sure our families and homes are protected. Read More...