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Lunch & Learn Webinar: Talking to Your Doctor: Taking an active role in your health.

How well you and your doctor talk to each other is one of the most important parts of getting good health care. But, talking to your doctor isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort on your part as well as your doctor’s.

Join us Wednesday, September 15, 2016 from 12PM -12:30PM when Trisha Menoni from Partners in Senior Care discusses tips you can use today to regain control of your health.

Here's the link to join:

Click here to download the presentation & additional handouts.

Caregiver Recognition Days at Partners in Senior Care


Partners in Senior Care has received several National Awards for Excellence. We are extremely proud of these achievements, but we do not let it go to our Administrative heads! We know that it is the dedication of our front line caregivers, providing quality, compassionate home care to our seniors day in and day out that has led to our success.

Therefore, October at
Partners in Senior Care is “family reunion” time. It’s our month for our annual employee meeting. During these meetings we take the time to reward and appreciate our caregivers for all they have done throughout the year. Our theme this year was “Power of Partnership”. Read More...

Social Support Activities Lead to Better Quality of Life As One Ages

How important is social support as a person ages? This may seem like an easy question to answer. Most people would not choose isolation and loneliness versus spending time with companions. However, can lack of social support really hinder a person’s overall quality of life?

Lack of social support is related to negative impacts on health and well being, especially for older people. Having a variety of positive social supports can contribute to psychological and physical wellness of elderly individuals. Support from others can be important in reducing stress, increasing physical health and defeating psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Read More...

Back to School

Back to school. For many, these three words bring back so many memories. Freshly sharpened pencils in your grandad’s old cigar box, a dime a day for milk, the lazy walk home after school. But for those in the sandwich generation, back to school could mean increased anxiety. Making sure an elderly parent gets a flu shot. Shuffling grandchildren to and from activities for their working parents. Planning the upcoming fall trip to New England for a 40th wedding anniversary. Our sandwich generation is quickly becoming a Panini generation - grilled and fried! Read More...

Partners in Senior Care featured in The Voice - The Magazine of the National Private Duty Association

Partners in Senior Care featured in The Voice - The Magazine of the National Private Duty Association
"To Be The Best, Work With The Best" by Angie Landmesser
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Senior Connection

The Senior Connection

It's simple! "Caring for clients the same way we would want someone to care for our family"

That is the simple philosophy on which Patricia Menoni founded Partners in Senior Care, which will celebrate its fifth anniversary in April.

Skin Care and Aging

Skin Care and Aging

Taking care of your skin is just as important in the winter. Download our resource here.

Partners in Senior Care: Believing in our Caregivers

Partners in Senior Care was founded in 2003 as a family owned business based on our family values!  We have three words on the wall as you enter our office - Believe, Nurture, Giggle.  

believe nurture giggle

They sum up our beliefs: