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Lunch and Learn Webinar: Today!

My Mom Isn't Like this Webinar

Hope you can join us today - Wednesday October 19th, 2016 at Noon CST for our Lunch and Learn Webinar Series for those who may be caring for a loved one or parent.
Today's topic is: “My mom isn’t this way when she is home!: Is it dementia, delirium or denial?”
A hospitalization or infection can change everything. What is dementia and what is normal aging?  Trisha Menoni from Partners in Senior Care will provide insight to help you determine if it’s dementia, delirium or if you may be in denial.

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Memory and Aging Presentation at Mundelein Senior Center

Today, our founder and owner, Trisha Menoni, RN, BSN, CMC, gave a talk at the Mundelein Senior Center on Memory and Aging. Here are the highlights:

Our Parents whispered the word Cancer when we were growing up—there was rarely a cure. It was a painful horrid death! We haven’t cured Cancer, but we are less afraid of it—we all know cancer survivors.

Our generation doesn’t whisper Alzheimer’s, but we fear it! It is a slow death sentence, causing pain not to us, but the ones we love. It is the long good-bye.

Memory Loss: What's Normal?

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. 

Alzheimer’s remains one of the biggest fears and worries about aging.  We often meet with families who want to know if their loved one’s forgetfulness is a normal part of aging or if it is the start of dementia.

Home Care in Lake County: Caregiver Training & Orientation

It's orientation day today at Partners in Senior Care. We try to hold two orientations per month and they are my favorite days. Our Caregivers are the heart and soul of Partners in Senior Care. We believe that how we treat our caregivers is how they treat our clients. For that reason, from the moment they walk in the door, we treat them with love and respect. Everyone in the office is involved in orientation as well. From Jennifer, our Client Services Coordinator, to Kate who handles billing and payroll, to Yelena, our nurse, who handles the clinical portion of orientation; it's all hands on deck. Read More...

Partners in Senior Care Presentation at Silverado Lake Zurich: Why do they do that? Understanding Dementia Behaviors

Presentation at Silverado Lake Zurich: Why do they do that? Understanding Dementia Behaviors
Presented by Patricia Menoni, RN, BSN, CMC

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
6:00pm - 7:00pm

Dealing with a family member experiencing memory impairment often raises many questions about where behaviors come from. Join Silverado Lake Zurich for an event to help you better understand the changes your loved one is going through and learn tips on how to cope.
Light refreshments will be provided.