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Tips for Seniors

Medication Safety Week

The first week of April is Medication Safety Week. One of the easiest ways to prevent falls and hospitalizations is to take medication correctly.

Memory and Aging Presentation at Mundelein Senior Center

Today, our founder and owner, Trisha Menoni, RN, BSN, CMC, gave a talk at the Mundelein Senior Center on Memory and Aging. Here are the highlights:

Our Parents whispered the word Cancer when we were growing up—there was rarely a cure. It was a painful horrid death! We haven’t cured Cancer, but we are less afraid of it—we all know cancer survivors.

Our generation doesn’t whisper Alzheimer’s, but we fear it! It is a slow death sentence, causing pain not to us, but the ones we love. It is the long good-bye.

Social Support Activities Lead to Better Quality of Life As One Ages

How important is social support as a person ages? This may seem like an easy question to answer. Most people would not choose isolation and loneliness versus spending time with companions. However, can lack of social support really hinder a person’s overall quality of life?

Lack of social support is related to negative impacts on health and well being, especially for older people. Having a variety of positive social supports can contribute to psychological and physical wellness of elderly individuals. Support from others can be important in reducing stress, increasing physical health and defeating psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Read More...

Summer Fun with an Aging Loved One

Now That Summer is Finally Here, It’s a Great Opportunity to Have Some Summer Fun!

It is official: Summer has begun! For an aging loved one, summer is an ideal time to get outside, get some fresh air, and do some fun summer activities like talking walks, birdwatching, and going to an outdoor music concert.
Because winters can be isolating with cold, snowy weather that prevents seniors from getting outside, it is important for caregivers and families to take advantage of the warmer weather and help the senior be active. It probably goes without saying how important exercise and time outside breathing in fresh air is to someone’s physical well-being, but it is equally important for their mental and emotional health. Being outside, enjoying the sunshine and the company of others can do a world of good to boost a senior’s mood. And a happier mood and positive outlook can lead to a longer and healthier life. Read More...

Summer Travel Tips

Learn how to vacation with an aging loved one or feel comfortable having them stay at home
Summer is finally here and that means BBQs, fireworks, baseball games, and travel. Summer is a great time to get away with your family. And while summer travel can be a fun experience for an aging parent or loved one, especially if that trip is to see grandchildren, seniors may not be as mobile or energetic as they were in years past. Partners in Senior Care has several tips for a successful summer trip with an aging parent or loved one including: