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Know a Veteran who needs Home Care?

1 in 3 seniors in this country is a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran.
If you know a senior who served during wartime (WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf War) - or their surviving spouse and they need a caregiver – they may be eligible for a unique benefit through the VA called “Aid and Attendance.” This benefit provides funding - up to $25,000 annually to help keep loved ones safe and comfortable with home care.

Do you have a loved one with diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious disease (click here for a factsheet about diabetes). People get diabetes when their blood glucose level, sometimes called blood sugar, is too high. Diabetes can lead to dangerous health problems, such as having a heart attack or stroke. Many complications can result from diabetes, including vision loss, slow healing of wounds, and neuropathy (damage to nerves that results in loss of movement or sensation) in the feet or hands.   Many complications can be prevented by following nutritional treatment plan and prescribed plan of care.  Read More...

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July from Partners in Senior Care!

Independence.  The word means different things at different times in our lives.  The first time you were allowed to cross the street on your own or bike to the park by yourself.  Your drivers license.  Your first paycheck. Your first car. The first evening alone in your first apartment.  Your first date night with your husband without kids.  The day you become an empty nester - you hope. These are all incredible milestones of freedom and independence. And we remember every one of them.